Your one stop shop for increasing business Offering a complete range of marketing services from creating your business identity through to website design and hosting and everything in between.  Your bizE people are ... An affiliation of experienced,traditional and e-marketing specialists, meticulous desktop publishers, creative graphic designers and innovative web designers.  This brings a pool of highly skilled individuals to create and execute your project at a fraction of the cost  of an agency. The bottom line is that you can choose how little or how much of our services you want to use.  No hard sell or pressure to buy more than your budget.  Guaranteed. Oh and by the way - bizE speak? We’ve noticed an extraordinary amount of complicated verbage and technoratti language when it comes to describing marketing and internet marketing services. We think it’s an attempt at “blinding you with science” . We know what all the fancy terms mean but promise to de-mystify them when dealing with our clients. We will explain every step of analysis or proposal in clear, easy to understand terms. We want you to be an integral part of your project.  It’s your bizness after all! E Buzz Web Presence Email Campaigns Be found (Search Engine Optimized) Social Media Blog Spots Site Analytics 8 Print Bizz Logo Design                     Business Cards Brochures & Flyers Postcard Mailers Newsletters   Copyright BiZeBuZZ 2010 (a PMDesign creation) Please buzz by later and see the complete website we are creating. Meanwhile if you would like to speak to one of our bizzy people call 813.480.5838 or click the pen to send us an email. E-mail Definition E-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication - OK, sorry, not exactly bizEspeak!                                                              Personal Buzz     Personal Domain & Email Your own Home Page Scan & Restore old photos Online Photo Albums Designs to personalize your special events and parties